A New addition to the Ceiba Fleet!

We are proud to announce that there has been a new addition to the Ceiba hardshell kayak fleet.  We have recently received our first Jackson Karma RG!  This boat is ideal for Grand Canyon, it has the same hull as the Karma UL, a tried and tested boat, but has...

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Shawk-Kinah; a new craft through Grand Canyon

On July 4th 2014 a craft departed from Lee’s Ferry to travel downstream through the Grand Canyon. Normally this event would not warrant a dedicated post on our fair blog at CeibaAdventures.com but this was no ordinary craft; this was ‘Shawk-kinah’. A rig unique in many ways unto itself, home-grown...

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Mex Meal on River

Ceiba’s Got Solar!

You’re packing for your two-week boating adventure in the Grand Canyon and there is one question that keeps coming up; how many?  How many socks?  How many t-shirts?  How many beers? How many different colors of toenail paint?  How many batteries?  The list goes on and here at Ceiba Adventures...

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Grand Canyon Private Permits

There are two ways to travel downstream of Lee’s Ferry by boat, either on a guided commercial trip, or on your own unguided private trip.  For those who have the experience and prefer to follow their own path, the choice is clear.  Running a self-guided private trip leaves all the...

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Boating the Verde River!

Often times when we think about boating in Northern Arizona, our minds turn instinctively to the Grand Canyon. At Ceiba we decided that the many smaller streams and lakes in our region that still offer great boating opportunities need a little appreciation too! Periodically on our blog we will feature...

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