If you have almost everything you need for your river trip, or if you have nothing, we can “fill in the gaps” on your equipment list.

Please feel free to contact us at any time about renting any of our Parts & Pieces on the equipment list below. Toll Free: 1-800-217-1060

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*All costs are per day costs unless otherwise indicated

Kitchen & Coolers

Price per day

(unless noted)

Complete kitchen for 8 to 16 people (5 or more days)The complete kitchen contains 4 burner Partner stove, windscreen, blaster & regulator; 1 full propane tank (additional tanks cost extra); aluminum box containing 6 silver bowls, 3 soup pots, 2 Dutch ovens, griddle, 2 cutting boards, plates, bowls, and utensils; complete cooking utensils set; 4 dish buckets; dish drying net; hand wash system (NPS reg); firepan; and kitchen ground tarps (2) (NPS Reg). Full kitchen sundries are included with a food pack AND kitchen rental.
Kitchen Setup
Download Kitchen Set-up with Helpful Hints
$23.00 5+ days
Complete kitchen for 8 to 16 people (1-4 days)
Same items as for the 5 or more kitchen, except NO full propane tank.

Individual Items

Price per day

(unless noted)

Stove w/ blaster, regulator

Stove & Blaster

$8/day 5+ days

$12/day 2-4 days

Full propane tank 13+ days $2.00
Propane tank 12 days or less (*propane is an additional $15/tank) $1.00 plus cost of propane
Stove windscreen $5.00 per trip
Griddle $.50
Cook pots, silver bowls, Dutch ovens (total for all) $5
Plates, bowls, silverware $2/day 5+ days

$5/day 2-4 days

$10 for 1 day

Complete cooking utensils $2
Cooler (any size) $3/day 5+ days

$5/day 2-4 days

$10 for 1 day

Cooler Covers $1/day 5+ days

$2/day 1-4 days

2 gallon coffee Gott $1.00
Katadyn Expedition water filter

Katadyn System




Hand Pump Katadyn water filter set up. Includes: Spare filter, clorox, green scrubbie, large base for pump.

Electric water filter (includes extra filter)

Electric Vital Water Filter set up

Electric Vital Water Filter set up

Alum (settling agent) $8.00 per trip
Water Wizard $12.00 per trip
Dish Buckets, set of 4 $.50
Straining screen

Straining Screen

Aluminum table $3/day 2+ days

$5/ 1 day rental

Dish dryer net

Dish dryer net

Roll-a-table $1.00
Fire pan (NPS approved) with brush & shovel

Fire Pan

Firepan and Blanket






Kayaker's firepan

Kayaker’s breakdown firepan (disassembled)


Kayaker’s breakdown firepan (assembled)

Full-size firepan: $2/day 5+days

$5/day 2-4 days

$8 for 1 day

Kayaker’s firepan: $5/day

Fire blanket (NPS Reg) $2.00
Water Jug – 5 gallons

Water Jug

Handwash system – 2 units in 1 (NPS reg.)
Handwash SystemHand Wash System – Both units consolidate into one!
$2/day 5+ days

$4/day 2-4 days

$7.50/1 day rental

Rice bags for aluminum cans, per dozen $8.00 flat fee
Kitchen parawing


$2.50/day 5+ days

$5/day 1-4 days

Kitchen Ground Tarps (2) (NPS Reg) $1.00

Boxes and Ammo Cans

Price per day

(unless noted)

20mm Ammo can $.50
Aluminum box $1.75
50 Cal Personal Ammo can $.50



Aluminum side box for 18′ Boat, 20 mm ammo box for dry goods/trash, and 50 cal personal ammo box


Price per day

(unless noted)

Toilet system box: Includes toilet seat
GrooverCeiba’s Toilet System. Items shown are included in the full Toilet set up. Red box is the actual poop box that is shown with a porto riser and the toilet seat.
$2/day for 5+ days

$5/day for 2-4 days

$10/day for 1 day

Initial box supplies: 2 rolls of paper, 1 spray cleaner, 1 bag of gloves,
1 hand soap, 1 container of dry Clorox.
*These items are included in your food and sundries price if Ceiba is providing your food package
$15 Flat Fee
Porto Box $1/day for 5+ days

$2/day for 2-4 days

$4/day for 1 day

Porto Riser $.50
Wag bags (5) $15 Flat Fee
Porto box dump & clean (per can–same for kayak poop tubes) $24.00
Kayak poop tubes $1.50/day
“Day tripper” daytime toilet – NPS reg.

Day Tripper




Day Tripper Box with the items included shown

Pee bucket $.50

Boat Items

Price per day

(unless noted)

Major 1st aid kit, including signal panel/mirror (NPS Reg) and copy of CORs – NPS reg. $3.50
Signal panel/mirror (NPS Reg) $1.00
Minor 1st aid kit – NPS reg. (*There is a replacement charge for 1st aid items used) $2.50
Sleep plate

Sleep Plate






Rig with Sleep Plate and Rig without Sleep Plate

$10.00 flat fee
Foot Brace

Foot Brace






Feel the comfort with the foot brace

Throw cushion – NPS reg. $.50
Cam straps, per dozen, in a rig bag $10.00 flat fee
Bail buckets $.50
Throw bags $.50
Aluminum sand anchor & hammer

Sand Stake & Mallet

Boat umbrella


$35.00 flat fee
Umbrella holder

Umbrella Holder

$5.00 flat fee
Flip line

Mini-throw bag style flip line
Mini-throw bag style flip line




Belly band style flip lines
Belly band style flip lines




Belly band style flip lines
Belly band style flip lines

Mini throw bag style:

$1/day 5+ days

$2/day 2-4 days

Belly band style:

$5 flat fee

Drag bag $.50
Rescue bag (includes 200′ static line, 3 pulleys, 6 locking carabiners, 3 prussiks, and anchor webbing)

Rescue Kit

$35.00 flat fee
Air pump with bag – NPS reg. $2.25

Camp & Personal Items

Price per day

(unless noted)

Satellite phone (Sat phone minutes, determined after your trip ends $2/minute) $12.00
Solar charger with adapter and rechargeable batteries

Goal Zero Charger





Solar charger, cables, Guide 10 battery pack and Nomad battery pack

Double marine battery/inverter package

Battery & Inverter System





Double marine battery & inverter

$10/day 2+ days

$20/ 1 day rental

Lantern (batteries cost extra) $1.25/day 5+ days

$3/day 1-4 days

Wood stove (winter trips), includes fire blanket (NPS Reg), shovel & gloves







Wood stove ready to be loaded & fired


Camp chair, unfolded

Camp chair (unfolded)

$1day 5+ days

$3/day 1-4 days

PFDs (life vests)

Big Water V PFD


NRS Youth PFD (back)

NRS Youth PFD (back)

NRS Youth PFD (front)

NRS Youth PFD (front)





$2/day 5+ days

$3/day 1-4 days

Waterproof bags







NRS River Bags

Red bag – 3.8 cu ft / 110 liter 16″ W x 33″ H

Blue bag – 2.2 cu ft / 65 liter 14″ W x 24″ H

$1.50/day 5+ days

$2/day 2-4 days

$5/ 1 day rental

Guitar dry bags $2.25/day 2+ day

$5/ 1 day rental

Paco pad

$2.25/day 5+ days

$4/day 1-4 days

Sleep kit (includes sleeping bag, sheet, pillow & pillow case, tarp, dry bag) $8.00 – 1-4 days
$6.00 – 5+ days
Tent (2 person) $8.00 – 1-4 days
$6.00 – 5+ days
Shovel .50 cent/day 5+ days

$2/day 1-4 days



Horse Shoes

Horse Shoes

Running the Grand Canyon takes a lot of work!

Running the Grand Canyon takes a lot of work!