What people are saying:

We were pleased with the service provided by Ceiba, and we were also impressed that they were able to take a random group of 16 people and have the perfect amount of food available every day for 23 days. I would recommend Ceiba to others.

J. Dryer - February 2017

To the fabulous Ceiba crew,
Thanks for your professional driving, great scheduling, and the amazing attitude of all your drivers.

Alison, Grand Canyon Youth - Summer 2017

Ceiba did a great job. All 16 of us would use Ceiba again, and would recommend Ceiba to our friends.

K. Weiss - May 2017

I am finally rehydrated and truly enjoying my memories of the trip. I’ve travelled many places, even floated the Co River through the Canyon before — this trip just turned out perfect. Old friends, new friends, great food and great camaraderie. You guys are great. We really had a fantastic trip, and the Ceiba prep made it all happen smoothly. Oops, I’m gushing. AWESOME CEIBA!

D. Haines - June 2017

Thank you, thank you, thank you. From being flexible about combining trips to being understanding of payments to accommodating food, your customer service is top notch.

Spitzman/Cantrick - January 2017

Holy crap this is e-x-c-i-t-i-n-g!!! Note: Ceiba was not only our outfitter back in 2012 for my first time in, but each and every person I have asked (from a wide and varied circle) has said hands down you folks are the very best to work with and offer the best overall quality! Thanks for your consistent care for us river nuts!

V.S. Lane - April 2018

Great customer service and very thorough planning. Chelsea was very helpful and friendly. Ceiba addressed every request we had.

R. Loerzel - April 2017

I wanted to send a note of thanks for your incredible services on a recent trip. I was blown away at your preparedness and attention to detail. I am also incredibly appreciative of your attention to my dietary restrictions. You can be sure that if I have the privilege of rafting the Canyon again, I will absolutely use your services again (and encourage anyone else to).

C. Henry - December 2016

Your office manager Chelsea was fantastic!

S. Campbell - December 2016

Ceiba Team! Thank you so much for helping us plan and execute a safe and successful run through the Grand Canyon on the Colorado. You guys/ladies were spectacular in every way, from trip planning to execution. Thank you so much!

M. Stewart - October 2016

Happiness at Diamond Creek

Happiness at Diamond Creek