Ceiba Adventures’ equipment outfitting began with orchestrating several science trips in the Grand Canyon in 2004. We quickly became the preferred river equipment outfitter in Flagstaff, Arizona by offering fully outfitted row trips, transportation services, complete food packing & menu planning, as well as being the exclusive rental motorboat outfitter. Private boaters world wide, the National Park Service, USGS Flagstaff, commercial river outfitters, independent scientists and the film industry continuously utilize Ceiba for outfitting and logistics.

In 2004 Grand Canyon National Park was in the process of designing and implementing the new Colorado River Management Plan (CRMP). One important aspect of the new plan was to allocate 40% more trips to the private sector. Based on this information and our extensive experience in the Grand Canyon already, we started to outfit private trips on the Grand and all the rivers in the South West. Our rise into the outfitting business was facilitated by our 30 years of experience working as guides in Grand Canyon during the summer months and running Ceiba’s adventure travel trips in Mexico, Belize and Guatemala during the winter.

Ceiba Tree

The Sacred Ceiba Tree of Life to the Maya

Ceiba’s beginnings grew of Scott Davis’ love of travel and adventure in Mexico and Central America in the 70’s and 80’s. His travels and expeditions to the remote caves, rivers and the ruins of the Mayan civilization were the discoveries that spurred Ceiba’s initial trip offerings in 1985.

Ceiba has many first river descents and has pioneered some of the deepest and most technical caves in the western hemisphere. Ceiba’s participation and organization of these trips helped to develop the legitimization of commercial adventure travel in Chiapas, Mexico.

Ceiba Adventures on the Usumacinta River

Ceiba Adventures on the Usumacinta River. Photo by Jeff Behan

Our base of operations is in the cool pines of Flagstaff, Arizona, the jump off point for trips into the Grand Canyon region. Owners Rachel Schmidt and Scott Davis began Ceiba’s rental equipment business in their garage. By the end of 2014 we moved to our new location on Fanning Dr. The three-acre property has been fully upgraded from a former scrap yard to an exemplary river facility built to suit Ceiba’s needs today and as we grow into the future.

Our expertise has prompted the adventure film industry to utilize Ceiba to coordinate, organize and assist in many film projects, including Emmy Award winners, over the last three decades.

Ceiba employees are highly motivated individuals, who love the outdoors and are very experienced in what they do. The joy of discovery is in their blood, active adventure travel is in their hearts, and we invite you to share your adventure with Ceiba.

The Ceiba Adventures Crew! (left to right: Sparky, Brad, Cory, Adam, Anya, Tristan, Chelsea, Rachel, Lee, Scott, Katie, Nate, Sarah, Bryon, Carolyn, Bobby/bottom row: Millie and Skipper)
















Check out Ceiba’s testimonial page. It says it all there, awesome customer service, and friendly people willing to go the extra mile for every single trip we outfit. We look forward to hearing from you.