The owners and employees of Ceiba have decades of experience working, living, and playing in the outdoors. We understand through firsthand experience that in order to protect the places we love and the opportunities they provide, a balance must be kept between recreation and preservation. As the largest outfitter of private trips in Grand Canyon, we therefore hold ourselves to an elevated standard of environmental stewardship.

Here are just several examples of the ways Ceiba works to stick to our stewardship goals:


Recycling guru Katie in action!

Recycling guru Katie in action!- Reuse whatever we can

– We recycle all cardboard, plastics (#1 PETE and #2 HDPE), glass, aluminum and other metals. We also recycle all metal buckles from straps and worn out river bags.

– Ceiba repurposes and upcycles used Paco pads for humans in to dog beds.

– Ceiba does the majority of our repairs in-house. When we can’t repair it, we look for local vendors first.

-We are a certified repair facility for Aire, Zodiac and Mercury Marine.

-Ceiba does plastic welding to repair water jugs and stock tanks. We also do our own sewing repairs as well as for others.

– We source all materials and labor locally when available.

– Ceiba’s two 10,000 gallon rainwater catchment tanks conserve high amounts of water annually

– We utilize local, organic foods and products as much as possible.


Water catchment tank getting moved into place

water catchment tank being lowered

Water catchment tank being lowered

Additionally, Ceiba is equally committed to supporting our local economy and the boating community. Some of our partnerships include:

Grand Canyon Youth (GCY)—engages youth from diverse backgrounds in their communities and natural environment through multi-day river trips

Grand Canyon Private Boaters Association (GCPBA)—keeps Grand Canyon accessible to private/self-guided recreation

Grand Canyon River Guides (GCRG)—publishes Boatman’s Quarterly Review to “educate and enlighten about river issues, highlight the colorful human history of the Colorado River, and protect the river experience we love”

The Whale Foundation—supports river guides and their families

Flagstaff Family Food Center Food Bank & Kitchen—accepts all food donations and organic waste; serves meals to local families (nearly 250,000 meals annually) in need; and provides children’s literacy programs