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Another Ceiba Shoot

Ceiba and Scott Davis had the pleasure to work with Passion Pictures out of the United Kingdom recently on a Lee’s Ferry upstream shoot.  Passion is well known for Academy Award nominee “Restrepo” and their work on the Emmy award winning feature film “Searching for Sugarman”.

This shoot was an exploration of the work done by Peter Mcbride and John Waterman in their photography book and associated documentary; “The Colorado River, flowing through conflict”, and “Chasing Water.”

The crew ans ome of the props and gear below Glen Canyon Dam.

The crew and some of the props and gear below  Glen Canyon Dam.

Passion is currently doing a Colorado River documentary highlighting water issues along its course and spotlighting the delta which extends into Mexico.  For the Lee’s Ferry shoot, Ceiba outfitted representatives from Pleasure Pictures with kayaks, camping gear and an older model quad-cab 4wd Ford truck as a working prop.  At the shoot Ceiba drove the motorboats up to the different locations in Glen Canyon and provided support wherever needed. Nick Brown is directing this shoot and we wish them the best of luck.

In the past Ceiba Adventures has provided on the water support to such films as “In to the Wild” and “A River Wild”.  We continue to seek out and provide any type of river and/or on location support needed to film projects throughout the industry.

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