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Arizona SUPs (Stand-Up Paddle Boards) with Ceiba Adventures!

Big boats in the Grand Canyon have always been Ceiba’s home turf, but adapting to new trends as the river world evolves is by no means outside of our scope.  It seems like every season there are new toys to play with on the river, some of them are fleeting and some prove themselves as being here to stay.  The standup paddleboard (SUP) is definitely here to stay and Ceiba is ready to supply all of your Four Corners SUP supplies.

Ceiba's New NRS Czar 6

Ceiba’s New NRS Czar 6

Outside of being great toys for running Grand Canyon, the SUPs are ideal for weekend getaways on both flat and running water.  Even if you have never paddled before, a day on the lake with our NRS Big Baron would be nothing but fun.

Ceiba’s SUPs are inflatable and roll up so they are easy to transport in any type of car and are just as easy to pump up and get going on.  Though they are inflatable, there’s no reason to worry about rigidity of the board, NRS’s boards can be pumped to 15psi, far beyond any rafts or inflatables are meant to go.


Ceiba's SUP Options; The Big Earl, Baron, and the Czar 6

Ceiba’s SUP Options; The Big Earl, Baron, and the Czar 6

Northern Arizona has lot’s of opportunities for the avid or beginner SUPer.  From climbing trips in East Clear Creek, to floating down one of the beautiful stretches of the Verde River, to the San Juan, to the lakes, and even down Grand Canyon.

SUPs are easy to transport, easy to paddle, and even easier to have fun on!  Give Ceiba a call and we can put you on a board next weekend!


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