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Deadline for submissions is Friday, January 31, 2020
Days left to submit images and video:

This year we are letting you off the leash: no categories! We are opening it up to total creativity from your end and are looking for image and video stories from trips that Ceiba outfitted, wherever that may have led you. Images and video will be judged by the story they tell – standing on their own.

Enter as many still images and videos as you like. Be forewarned though that more images and video does not necessarily translate into better chances of winning. Often times less is more – choose wisely. We are looking for well crafted images and video that best exemplify quality outdoor adventure experiences in a well told story. Also, please tell us where the photo was taken if it’s not self evident.

For photographs, here is what we will be looking for:

  1. The decisive moment – that split second that captures a specific moment and tells a story.
  2. Layered images – To maintain an interesting narrative it is essential to draw the viewer into the scene with images that have different layers and thereby telling a story – a foreground, a middle ground, and a background. Not just a pretty, flat snapshot, whether that is landscapes, action or portraits. If you need more than one image to tell the story, then by all means, add them in.
  3. Please make sure images are jpeg, tiff or png and between 1-5 MB (or at least 1920 pixels on long side).

For video we will want to see:

  1. Quality, tightly edited, well thought out storytelling with a beginning, middle and end. Not just a clip of a run through a rapid (unless that alone can fully convey an interesting story).
  2. Preferably a length of 2-8 minutes.
  3. Please share your edited video using YouTube or Vimeo.

1st place – $150 cash awarded for best image and best video.
Honorable Mentions – Swag to be determined and photo credits for usage in social media and website awarded for outstanding images and video.

Samples from past contests:



Please fill out the following to submit your images/videos


1. Final deadline for submissions is Friday, January 31, 2020.
2. All images & videos must be entered using this Submission Upload Page.
3. Enter as many images/videos as you want. They don't have to be just from Grand Canyon, but must be related to outdoor adventures that Ceiba is involved with.
4. Each image must be: A) In a .jpeg, tiff or png format, B) Sized between 1 - 5 MB (or at least 1920 pixels on long side).
5. Each video must be: A) Tightly edited & have a storyline, B) Loaded on to either YouTube or Vimeo, C) Link must be provided.
6. Eligible images/videos may be entered only by Ceiba clients from Ceiba trips -- past and present.
7. All images/videos must have been taken by the individual submitting them.
8. Ceiba Adventures, Inc. reserves the right to use all entries for marketing materials either printed and/or online. Photo credit will be given.

NOTE: After pressing submit, give the form some time to upload the images and give you a confirmation before closing this window (the amount of time depends on the numbers & sizes of the images). You should see the progress of the uploads next to each file. Thanks for your patience! We appreciate your entry and good luck!!!