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Ceiba Owner Works with Vampires…

Bats that is! Scott, Ceiba’s owner, just returned from Chiapas Mexico with a National Geographic film crew! National Geographic is filming a documentary on bats, in particular, Vampire bats. On a cool night, in the depths of the Chiapan rainforest, Scott came face to face with a Vampire. The teacup-sized Vampire bat is an incredibly fascinating creature. It is the only mammal in the world that can fly, but more interestingly, the Vampire bat feeds only on the blood of other creatures, mostly cattle but, while it’s rare, the Vampire bat will sometimes feed on humans! The common range of the Vampire bat is Mexico, Central and South America.

Scott and the crew also caught a Jamaiican fruit bat in their mist nets. Mist nets are typically made of nylon mesh and suspended between two poles. Once suspended the net is practically invisible. So invisible that a Jamaiican fruit bat found itself caught in the net and gently removed by the hands of a bat researcher. A native to Mexico, this furry, soft bat enjoys lunching on a variety of fruits from tropical shrubs and trees including bananas, avocados and mangos. What good taste!

Stay tuned for more stories from south of the border! The National Geographic show will be released in October 2013 on the America the Wild series. A Wild Smile - The Jamaiican Fruit Bat

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