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Ceiba Will Keep You Charged!

Are you considering taking a GoPro, camera, GPS or MP3 player on your river trip? Wondering how you are going to keep it charged for a multi-day trip? Ceiba Adventures can now rent you a Goal Zero brand solar panel that you can take on your adventure.

We have a Goal Zero brand “Nomad 7″ which charges most USB and 12V devices including the ever popular GoPro camera. The Nomad 7 uses state-of-the-art monocrystalline technology which delivers more power per square inch than any other solar technology on the market.

The Nomad 7 is easy to use. We send it out in it’s own 50 cal ammo can. Simply pull the pack out during a sunny day in the Canyon, set it up in the sun and let your equipment charge. The solar panel can either be laid flat on the boat or hung up to catch the sun’s rays. Make sure you tie the solar panel down so the wind doesn’t blow it away while you are charging!

The Nomad 7 is only 0.8 pounds and approximately 17” long when unrolled! The solar charger takes 4 AAA or 3 AA batteries to run. We will send you out with both!

For more information on the Nomad 7, check out this website:

If you are interested in taking the Nomad 7 with you, let us know!Nomad7

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