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Ceiba Working with the Hualapai

For the past two winter seasons Ceiba has taken on a special maintenance project for Hualapai River Runners.  We have been bringing their whole fleet to us and refurbishing every tube for them.  HRR delivered over 40 tubes to us this fall and we have been working away diligently; lots of grinding, gluing and painting!  We have been repairing everything from the smallest flapping rubber to replacing entire baffles inside the tubes and then moving on to giving them all a fresh coat of paint.


In January, now that we are in our new, much larger, location, we began hosting a clinic for a few HRR boatmen to come out to us and spend some time learning the ropes of raft rubber repair.  We have been working with 8 guys and began them on simple patches and seam tape work and are now working our way into the more complex repairs like replacing valves, putting down large curved pieces of rubber, and using system 6 to seal seams and small holes.


By the end of the month, the boys had finished and painted all four tubes that they had begun.  Mind you, we went out of out way to find the worst of the worst of those tubes for the Haulapai boys to work on. so it was no small accomplishment for a group of folks coming in with no experience.

This was a great experience for all of us and we are always looking forward to working again with the great folks at Haulapai River Runners and the tribe.


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