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Ceiba’s High Standard for Quality Equipment

ChrisCeiba has a very high standard for our boating equipment. After years of boating all over the world, Rachel and Scott have solid experience in what works and what doesn’t, from equipment to logistics. They know that the purpose of a river trip is to get back to what is real. To get out and experience life at the hands of nature, floating on the green back of the river under a desert sky. If your equipment is less than optimal, it can detract from a trip and lead to a diminished experience.

Ceiba has highly trained and experienced equipment “engineers” who maintain everything from the Katadyn filters to the fiberglass oars. Ceiba prides itself on ensuring that every piece of equipment that goes out on a trip is in top-of-the-line working order. Your trip will not go out with a piece of equipment that is not useful or efficient. Of course, being out in the wilderness, anything is possible. We send each trip out with detailed instructions on how to fix the part or patch the boat while on the river. We do our research and work with retailers like NRS, Sawyer and Canyon Coolers to make certain the products we send on your trip are the best out there.

When your equipment comes back off the river, it can be as muddy and tired as you are! Our warehouse staff will: expertly place a patch on paco pads, re-wrap oars, upgrade valves on boats, rebuild stoves, fix motor transoms, complete plastic welding projects on our coolers, repair fiberglass oar shafts, reconstruct baffles and create multi-layer patches using finely tuned skills and upgraded technology. We have experienced motor boatman who complete regular maintenance on our fleet of motors.

If you have repairs that you need to make on your rubber rafts, don’t hesitate to call us with questions! We love to talk shop and can even assist you with certain projects.

Bottom line is that we want you to get out on the water with efficient logistics and effective equipment so that you can focus on what’s important… having a Grand adventure!


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