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Ceiba’s Multi-Grain Buns

Check this out! Our bread supplier has just introduced us to these new multi-grain buns. They are delicious, only 100 calories each, no trans fats or high fructose corn syrup and best of all – they won’t get smashed in your food boxes! You won’t have to worry about keeping your burger buns from getting crushed in your side boxes anymore…you can stack these things 10 deep if you want, or put all of your other bread on top of them, dig them out on your last nights burger meal and they’re still good as new! These new Sandwich Thins ™ from Oroweat are about the third of the size as regular hamburger buns, and you can eat them instead of sandwich bread as well! Ceiba is constantly updating and upgrading our food packs in order to offer new and appropriate items for river runners.  For more information about our Food Packs for Grand Canyon River Trips, please call Ceiba Adventures at 1-800-217-1060.

Comparison – our new multi-grain buns (on the right…obviously)

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