COVID BULLETIN as of July 1st, 2020

As the COVID-19 Pandemic continues to surge across the U.S., it is critical that we all take personal responsibility to slow down its transmission. Ceiba Adventures continues to prioritize the health and well being of our employees, partners, and clientele. Grand Canyon National Park opened the river corridor on June 14th. We’re both excited and cautiously optimistic. The June – July launches and the successful outcomes of these trips will most likely dictate how the rest of the 2020 river season progresses.
Commercial trips are operating as scheduled and science trips are getting their work done. Privately outfitted trips are now just starting to get off the river after their 16 day adventures.
Grand Canyon National Park is requesting all river trips, both commercial and non-commercial, to voluntarily bypass Havasu Canyon on the Colorado river, located at river mile 157. This request is an effort to minimize the spread of the COVID-19 virus and to further safeguard the Havasupai people and their traditional lands. River guides and boaters are encouraged to honor this request out of respect and safety for the Havasupai people. 
Ceiba has implemented strict protocols and procedures to combat, minimize and participate in the mitigation of the Coronavirus.  Our already stringent protocols for equipment upkeep, food packing and transportation have been refined with CDC and WHO recommendations. We fully understand the seriousness of this threat. Ceiba will continue to be diligent in adapting our policies in this ever changing environment surrounding this zoonotic disease. Taking personal and group responsibility with the recommended protocols will only add to a positive experience for everyone’s health and safety.
Our office staff will work with every trip permit holder, trip leaders and trip participants to find creative ways to move their trips forward. We’ll collectively find common ground, work on equitable solutions and work within the confines of the NPS rulings to get your trip on the water or re-scheduled.
Here at Ceiba we’re confident that we’ll get through these challenging times. We are committed in offering support and finding ways to mutually work thru this global pandemic. Our staff will continue to monitor the phones and emails, and will be doing our best to keep you updated from credible sources.
Thank you for all your support and please feel free to contact us at any time.  The Ceiba Team!!