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Delicious and Simple River Meals from Artisan’s Kitchen

 Artisan’s Kitchen in Flagstaff, Arizona has been leading the way in river trip menu innovation.   They have made huge strides in streamlining the cooking process for folks on the river who would rather play bocce on one of Grand Canyon’s beautiful beaches than chop onions and slave over a hot fire pan!  Recently we visited Sean Mannina, the owner and lead cook, to talk about the process, ingredients and delicious final product.

Artisan’s Beef Brisket Fresh Out of the Bag!

Artisan’s final product is a delicious home cooked meal, vacuum-sealed in BPA free plastic, frozen and ready for a river cooler.  Once on the river all that is required to prepare your mail is a pot of boiling water and a little bit of time; no cutting boards, pans or knives to clean up, just your personal dishes!  Sean even boils his meals in a dish pale so he doesn’t even have to warm up dish water after dinner, just put a couple of rocks in there to keep the bag off the bottom of the pail!

At Ceiba we know that to many of our clients the quality of food is often a higher priority than the ease of preparation.  Artisan’s shares this concern with us and does everything they can to ensure high quality food as well as easy preparation.  Sean’s promise to Ceiba and our clients is to make your meal from scratch using fresh and local ingredients as much as possible.  For example, the eggs come from a local Flagstaff farm and his green chilies come from a small Arizona farm as well!

Local Farm-Fresh Eggs Ready to be Bagged!

When Ceiba packs your Artisan’s kitchen meals into your coolers, they are fully frozen and act as extra blocks of ice, helping to ensure your meals stay frozen until you are ready to eat them, no matter how hot it gets in the Canyon.  We also learned that because of the vacuum-sealing process the meal will stay fresh three times longer than normally packaged food and again, the plastic bags are BPA free, so you don’t have to worry about plastic residue in your food.

Home-Cooked Posole with No Dishes but a Wet Pot

Home-Cooked Posole Freshly Boiled

Just Add Cheese and Enjoy!

Just Add Cheese and Enjoy!







So, next time you are planning a river trip with Ceiba Adventures make sure to ask about the boil-bag meals.  They are an easy and delicious alternative to spending your evenings slicing and dicing rather than tossing horseshoes!

Home-Cooked Desserts Too!

Home-Cooked Desserts Too!

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