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Diamond Creek Down!

Ceiba Adventures are the experts with the Diamond Creek Down section in the Grand Canyon.  We outfitted Paramount Pictures for the filming of Into The Wild. Ceiba has also outfitted many different commercials, video productions and science trips over the last 25 years from Diamond Down.  Grand Canyon Youths, Diamond Down river trips are supported by Ceiba as well.

We bring this experience into the private boating sector too.  Whether your group needs a re-supply at Diamond Creek with a motor/transom, fuel, extra ice and some beverarges, or we outfit a 5-day Diamond Down trip, our services for this great trip are always available.

Ceiba’s equipment allows your group to have many options. Transoms for 16′ and 18′ rafts, fuel tanks, motor repair kits including a fire extinguisher, extension handles, and spare props are all part of the package. Our 15 hp Honda, 4 stroke motors are ideal for the 16 & 18′ rafts.

If anyone in your group is experienced in driving the bigger 22′  motorized Snout boats, the 30 hp Honda’s are ideal. Ceiba has a straight transom on our Snout frame, which is ideal for twinning up with 2-30hp’s for the lake traverse.

And don’t forget our sport boat rentals with a 50 hp Honda mounted on.  Let’s go waterskiing, its lake Mead, bring your wetsuit!

Safe boating and keep Ceiba in mind for all your Grand Canyon rental river equipment needs!


Scott Davis

Ceiba Adventures, Inc.

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