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Food Pack Service for the Grand Canyon

Ceiba’s Grand Canyon Food Pack service “was right on,” offers “nice diversity” and “easy to read, prep and cook” are some of the comments we hear about our food pack service.

We do it all here with the Grand Canyon food and menu planning. You can pick from our selection of menu options, substitute several of your own, or send us your dream culinary delights and our food gurus at Ceiba will customize the menu to your group’s desire.

We have a great food pack facility right here at the Ceiba warehouse, where we have a stockroom, several refrigerators and freezers and top of the line technology to keep your food fresh. Our ice is the solid, frozen down to zero block type and its available year round. With the combination of our 205 qt. Galaxy coolers we’re able to offer our clients the best in ice preservation technology.

All of our meat comes from a local Flagstaff butcher, who offers any type of meat available – organic, wild, etc – and vacuum packs and freezes your meat so that it lasts all the way down the river. Our produce comes from our local Flagstaff Farmer’s Market. We get many organic, natural foods, gluten-free and vegan items from New Frontiers, our fancy new health food store.

Food Packs Grand Canyon

At Ceiba we’re quite easy and fun to work with and we can
even pack your food into your own boxes and coolers. We’re happy to deliver
your entire food pack to Lee’s Ferry if that is the practical way to go. We
can also offer you endless advice, ideas and consultation in making your menu
perfect for your group of family and friends.

We’ve done it all here – from gluten-free, to kosher meals, to groups bringing their own meats, vegetarians, food allergies, simple one-pot meals to all of the combinations your imagination can think of. We specialize in unique menus, but also love to make it simple and fast, as well.

Later this year we’ll be adding an updated list of menu choices and menu planning ideas to the website. All of these delicious choices, combined with Ceiba’s friendly, accommodating service make our food pack the best option available! Call Ceiba Toll-Free at Toll Free: 1-800-217-1060 to inquire about our Food Pack Services for the Grand Canyon!

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