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Fully rigged 14′ self bailing raft.

Hello desert boaters!  The Salt River is running and Ceiba has your Salt River Rentals. Our 14′ self bailing rafts are perfect for the Salt River, outside of Globe, Arizona. They come fully rigged with straps, cooler, table, oars, throw bag, and a rear net for gear if necessary.  These boats are also perfect for paddle boats. We include paddles, helmets, and the very useful thwart bags, which holds all your schnadle items.

Our inflatable kayaks are perfect additions to any trip, and in the Salt they are really fun. With the short season of the Salt be sure to contact us early if you get a permit, or invited on the very unique desert river trip.

Safe Boating from Ceiba and we look forward to hearing from you!!  1-800-217-1060 or please visit our Row & Paddle page for more information about boats and rentals!

Scott Davis

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