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Grand Canyon Motor Boats

Motor Season has started on the Grand and Ceiba Adventures is your exclusive motor boat Grand Canyon outfitter. 37′ S-Rigs, 22′ Snout Boats and 16′ Achilles Sport Boats are the crafts of choice. We also rent out 30 horse-power Honda outboards along with all the other motor boat accessories. Our equipment is top of the line and we’ve put a lot of time into the details with our motor boat inventory.

So all you motor boatmen out there, contact us when you win the lottery, get a cancellation or are going to do a Diamond Down!

The entire Ceiba crew would like to wish all of you the best during the 2009 boating season.

Ceiba Motor Boats

Ceiba Motor Boats

Thank you!

Ceiba’s Phone: 928-527-0171

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