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Grand Canyon Private River Trip Outfitter

Ceiba Adventures is the premier outfitter catering to private river trips through the Grand Canyon. Our Whole Shabang package is designed to remove all the hassles of organizing a river trip but leaving the fun, excitement and adventure in tact.

Ceiba’s owners, Scott Davis and Rachel Schmidt, have over 50 years of combined experience in the Grand Canyon and they bring this expertise to every group that Ceiba works with. They take great pride in accommodating every trip’s unique and specific needs, desires, and requests. Flexibility, attention to detail and unlimited friendly customer service is what Ceiba strives for with every person and group that we work with.

Ceiba’s warehouse, office and facility are perfectly suited for meeting the needs of the private river runner. Our on-site food pack facility with solid block ice, fully stocked and well-organized shop, recycling center and long-term parking are all conveniences that add to the ease of trip planning, rigging and de-rigging. Starting and ending your trip in Flagstaff and doing all of your pre and post trip “meet and greets”, as well as, doing your clean-up at the Ceiba compound is a painless way to go.

All of Ceiba’s trucks and vans are late-model Fords that are designed with river runners in mind. Our services are utilized by the scientific organizations that work in Grand Canyon including United States Geological Survey, the National Park Service, the Environmental Protection Agency, and the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality – just to name a few of the science trips that Ceiba outfits. We have orchestrated archaeological trips with the Hopi, Zuni and Hualapai tribes, as well as, providing shuttle services and equipment rentals for the Grand Canyon Monitoring and Research Center.

Ceiba Adventures is also the exclusive rental provider for motorboats in Grand Canyon. You can run motorboats anytime between April 1st and September 15th through the entire length of the canyon, and year round from Diamond Creek down to Lake Mead. Our motorboat fleet includes fully rigged 37’ S-rigs, 22’ motorized Snout boats and even a 16’ Achilles sport boat. We have 50, 30 and 15 HP Honda 4-stroke outboard motors that are always available for “runners” or spares. Keep in mind the 16’ sport boat is ideal for many of the lakes in the surrounding area, going upstream at Lee’s Ferry, as well as, a Diamond down if you have whitewater experience.

NRS Self BailerCeiba’s rowboats are 18’ and 14’ NRS self-bailers, with our custom aluminum frames and are fully outfitted packages – you can’t go wrong! Inflatable kayaks by NRS and Aire round out your boat rental options at Ceiba.

Food pack services are another specialty at Ceiba Adventures. Adding little delights and customizing your menu to meet your culinary desires for your river vacation is what we do. Packing food for a big group on a long river trip is a science and Ceiba has lots of experience doing it well.

Shuttles, logistics, consulting, advice and providing everything that a trip might need, even at the last minute, is what Ceiba does best. Please feel free to contact us for more information or assistance in planning a successful river trip.

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