Grand Canyon Raft Rentals – Why Ceiba?

Often, rafters wait years and years to go on a river trip in Grand Canyon. Winning a permit to run the Colorado through Grand Canyon can feel like winning a top dollar lottery! Next, comes the planning and this can be particularly tricky when you and your friends are traveling a long ways to go on this river expedition. Every trip into Grand Canyon is a trip of a lifetime and potentially may be the only chance you have to run the Colorado through Grand Canyon. You want to rent the right equipment, eat delicious and easily prepared food, sleeping comfortably at night under the stars knowing that the details have been thoughtfully taken care of. That’s where Ceiba Adventures comes in. Rentals (rowing or motor), food pack, shuttles, equipment… we’ll take care of your logistics.

A trip into Grand Canyon is more than just a river trip. To us here at Ceiba, it is an adventure in boating, hiking side canyons, viewing incredible geology, and expanding our understanding of the importance of Grand Canyon. The team at Ceiba wants you to be able to appreciate Grand Canyon as much as we do. We can help you do that by assisting you with efficient planning and seamless logistics so you can focus on what’s important… immersing in the experience.

The main way that we create a successful trip is exceptional customer service and excellent communication. We are incredibly accommodating from flexibility in making payments to shifting details as things move forward. From the minute you book with us, up to your launch date, we will collaborate with you on every detail to ensure that your trip is customized to meet your needs. We make ourselves available to you for any question or concern you might have. Scott and Rachel, the owners of Ceiba, have completed over 300 trips in Grand Canyon. The office gals have completed over 50. Together, we extend our experience and knowledge to you.

Especially when traveling from far away, our guests find that the Whole Shabang package completely takes care of their needs. All the details have been thought out and included in the price from a complete rig bag, a drag bag, sand stake and more.

If you’ve won a permit, we are excited for you! A Grand Canyon river trips is a profound experience in a deeply meaningful and wild place. Ceiba is here as a resource and to help you create the most spectacular adventure in our most beloved Canyon.

Team Ceiba

Thanks to Alex Sebastian for this beautiful photo of Nankoweap!


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