Group Food Preferences

Please complete the following questions as accurately and as completely as you can. These are important details to help Ceiba fine-tune your group's menu planning process. By this time every participant should have completed and submitted their individual food preference form.


Rig night dinner:

At Lees Ferry: Your group will prepare a simple meal that Ceiba has packed.

Marble Canyon Lodge: A van from the Lodge will transport your group from Lees Ferry to the restaurant for dinner and take you back afterwards. Advance reservations are required.

Enter total numbers for your group

Breakfast Beverages:




Peanut Butter:


Hot Sauce:

Dietary Restrictions - enter the numbers below. NOTE: Every participant is required to fill out our individual food preference form.


Food Allergies - enter the numbers below. NOTE: If any participant has a serious food allergy, make sure they call our office to discuss in detail.