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How To: Beer Wrangling!

Don’t let your beer and beverages end up like this! What a shame! There are easy steps to take to make your beverage packing effective, efficient and easily accessible! Ceiba works hard to make certain that we take every step to ensure that your Grand Canyon raft trip has everything you need including added tips to make your rigging easier! Just let us know!




Step One: Select the beer of your choice. This selection takes top prize!






Step Two: Wrap the case with duct tape to secure it for it’s whitewater adventure. Note that you should wrap the handle for added support of the cardboard! Because of it’s shape, this method works quite well when loading a boat already full of equipment. This could easily slip into one of the hatches along with other gear. An added bonus is that it’ll be slightly chilled by the end of the day for happy hour!


Another excellent option is to utilize the rice bags (they come included in the Whole Shabang!) as storage. These sturdy bags     will keep your beverages safe and then, crush and throw your empties here to bring home and Ceiba will recycle them for you!

Stay posted for our next edition of Ceiba Adventures “How To…”!! We have lots of helpful tricks up our sleeves!

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