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How To: Ship a kayak… or other essential equipment!

Huge waves, ridiculous eddies, monster holes and surfing around every corner… get psyched to kayak Grand Canyon!!!

Question is: how do you get your boat to Flagstaff?

There are multiple options for shipping a boat when bringing it yourself isn’t an option. Some options such as flying with it or shipping it through the usual sources such as the US Postal Service or FedEx can be quite expensive… several hundred dollars. The following sources might be quite a bit cheaper so check them out!

Go Greyhound! Greyhound will ship your boat for you for pretty darn cheap and fast too! The boat must have dimensions no greater than: 29” x 47” x 82” (which limits it to smaller play boats) and a weight less than 100 pounds. Greyhound prefers your boat be in a box. Check with USPS, UHaul, or other shipping companies for the correct box size.

Forward Air: Typically Forward Air will encourage you to ship your boat by ground transportation. You must call first. They will ask you to take it to a Service Center, usually at an airport, where they will measure it. A typical whitewater kayak weighs about 44 pounds and fits in a box 9’ x 2′ x 2’ would arrive in about 4 business days. You must pay using a money order or certified check.

Pilot Air: This shipping company can ship your kayak but it seems to cost about as much as USPS or FedEx.

US Postal Service:


Mountain Buzz is an excellent website for resources and information. It is an Internet community of whitewater boaters and outdoor enthusiasts. Mountain Buzz hosts an online forum for you to ask questions and see what resources other boaters have discovered.

If you have experience in shipping kayaks or large river equipment, please let us know especially what kind of experiences you have had with the above resources!

Happy Shipping!

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