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Product Description:

The KARMA TRAVERSE mates a stretched, slightly wider version of the the highly acclaimed Karma with unique features to make for one of the most versatile kayaks ever. While the Traverse will handle whitewater with ease, its longer waterline and retractable skeg make for less effort when knocking out miles of flatwater. Yakattack rails allow for attachment of all sorts of accessories. Full JK whitewater outfitting including the Unishock footrest system and an optional implosion-proof “Hard Hat” rear hatch cover make the Traverse truly expedition-ready. The Traverse will fit paddlers of almost any size or ability. One boat for many waters and many uses…the Traverse.

Jackson Karma Traverse-10
Jackson Kayak Traverse-10 aerial

Key Features:

1 – Total versatility: class 2-4+ whitewater, occasional flatwater use, overnight/mulitday capability, easy to learn to paddle in, easy to roll.

2 – High Performance Hull: A stable, predictable hull with a strong link the Karmas, including really good initial stability but also great whitewater capability.

3 – Classic JK whitewater outfitting including new, lighter Unishock — All the ease of adjustability of JK whitewater boats, and the convenience and safety of the Unishock with less weight penalty.

4 – Gear Convenience: Day hatch is a convenient feature that appeals to casual and serious users. Deck lines and gear tracks for convenience/versatility

5 – Go Pro Ready: Capture the moment right out of the bag with a pre-installed Go Pro Bow Mount. Just snap yours on and Simply hit record to watch your technique through the rapids!

6 – Sure-Lock Backband System: This simple system uses ropes and cleats for a secure, instantly adjustible fit – right from your cockpit! With no metal parts to rust, break you’ll spend more time on the water, as if a rope breaks you’re just a quick square knot away from paddle securely once again

7 – Optional Hard Hat Hatch Cover
Jackson Traverse hatch





Product Dimensions:

  • Weight: 52 lbs
  • Length: 10′4
  • Width: 27″
  • Height: 15″
  • Volume: 102 gal
  • Ideal Weight Range: 165-315 lbs