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New Equipment included in the Full Rig Package

There are lots of little scrapes and bruises any river runner can expect to come home with after two weeks rowing in the Grand Canyon. One of the most common ones that we hear about at Ceiba Adventures is scraping up the outside of your knees on the rocket boxes and side boxes in the foot-well.


The New Box Tops Rigged on an 18′ Rig

We have decided to finally put this problem to rest and have been working with Flagstaff River Equipment (formally Wet Dreams) and have ordered new foot-well box covers for all of our 18’ rigs to be included with all rentals at no additional cost!!!


A Full 18′ Rig With Room to Spare

This piece of equipment is another little perk from Ceiba. We strive to cover all of those little details that you don’t think about until you are on the river and downstream of any sign of civilization. So now, instead of strapping down old wet cardboard and your spare t-shirts on the corners of your foot-well boxes, give Ceiba Adventures a call to outfit your next Grand Canyon trip and don’t worry about scraped knees and sun-baked hot boxes!

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