Pearce Ferry Road Opening!

Well, its official- the Pearce Ferry Road will be open and available for takeouts by January 1st, 2010! Yippee!

Ceiba is encouraging every trip to utilize this great resource. Why? Well, here are a few reasons:

* You’ll save all your Hualapai exit fees at Diamond Creek.

* You’ll get to see the lower Inner Gorge with six additional rapids.

* Unlimited side canyon hikes – we can recommend several.

* You’ll see the entire Grand Canyon.

* If you live on the west coast, you’re several hours closer to home.

Ceiba is more than willing to help your group with the lower or western canyon logistics, figure out how many extra days is practical for your trip and answer any questions you might have.

Ceiba has 3 decades of lower canyon experience. We used to take out at the old Pearce Ferry Ramp and have orchestrated dozens of film projects on the Diamond Down section- most recently, the production of Into the Wild. We’ve also hiked extensively in all the major side canyons.

We look forward to the Pearce Ferry Road opening and hope to see you in 2010!

Raftingly, the Ceiba Team!


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    Lee Bennion says

    My husband and I are doing a C trip launching Feb. 26, 2010 and we plan on taking out at Pearce. I would love to hear your recommendations on the hikes down there. We have hiked Travertine before, but that is about it.

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