What people are saying:

“Our Grand Canyon Rafting Christmas was amazing.  We all learned a lot and benefitted from that trip in ways I’m certainly only a few people (Ceiba included, of course!) can appreciate.  I, for one, had no idea how my learnings from previous rafting trips would and would not translate to the Colorado through the Grand and to such an extended trip.  It is absolutely correct for me to tell you all that we (our crew) would not have come out the other side on speaking terms if it had not been for Ceiba’s boats, food stock, planning, and considerable experience.  Thank you so much for your expertise!  Another aspect: I would never have been able to navigate the complexities of the trip without your patience.  I am eternally grateful for your patience to help us even when helping us was hard, and during various holidays.  Finally, I am grateful for your perseverance.  Certainly I did not communicate early and often, but you took up that slack, and with a pleasant disposition in the face of my failure to engage sufficiently.  You folks are a class act.  Thank you for being so dependable, experienced, and patient.  I, for one, will always recommend Ceiba for such adventures wholeheartedly.  Your team can’t be beat.”

C. Dill – December 2019

“Dear Ceiba,

Thank you for your support and dedication to the Sesquicentennial Colorado River Exploring Expedition. Your willingness to travel far distances, fulfill special requests and adapt your services to fit the expedition are greatly appreciated. Your help made it possible for us to complete “our incredible journey” retracing John Wesley Powell and crew’s expedition. All along the way, we heard great praise for the food and organizational structure you provided. We remain eternally grateful for your support and sponsorship. Thank you!”

SCREE Expedition Members – Chuck Minckley, Jessica Flock, Patrick Kikut, Ben Kraushaar – January 2020

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I can’t express enough how much I love your company and your employees. Two years ago, I got to experience my first Grand Canyon river trip, with Ceiba as our outfitter. While I wasn’t the trip leader, I remember everyone’s smile upon arrival, and of course rig day with Marilyn. I have to say, few strangers have had more of an effect on an experience for me than Marilyn. Her “can do” attitude, dialed packing skills, and patient, yet efficient teaching style is everything a first time rafter needs when getting ready for a trip of their lifetime.

I recently got a few rolls of film developed from my second time down the river this February. Marilyn helped us again, ready to catch any of the heavy dry bags and load them into the back of the flatbed. This time however, I got to hear stories from Carolyn as well, as she drove our van down to Lee’s Ferry. I can still remember in detail, the series of events that led Carolyn west, and the experiences that keep her coming back year after year. I’m writing today not only to share a photo, but to reinforce something I’m sure you already know.
You employ wonderful people. Keep investing in them. Afterall, it is our stories and experiences that live on, long after the trip is over.
All the best,
Charlie Lane

C. Lane - February 2020

I can’t imagine how difficult it must be to design a menu, dry boxes, and coolers, for 18 people, on a 21 day trip, without any access to restock. Despite the enormity of the challenge you guys really nailed it. The meals were delicious, diverse, and plentiful, not to mention quite affordable. I really loved the organization of the kitchen boxes and plan on doing something similar with my home camping setup. I loved the simplicity of yesterday’s dry goods box becoming today’s trash.

This was the trip of a lifetime, and your outfitting services really made it possible. We can’t wait for our next one.

I. London - March 2020

Rachel was so kind and accommodating from the first call to the very end. She not only came in early to get us the paddle boards, she equipped us with extra pumps, gave us straps for the car, and met us late to return them. I would highly recommend ceiba for any of your outdoor excursions!

F. Brown - Daily Kayak/SUP Rental - May 2020

Dear Rachel, Scott and Ceiba,

Thanks so much for all the gear. We had the best time! We hope you’re enjoying the forced “slow down” and this beautiful spring weather.

All the best from the Kaplinskis 😀

Kaplinski Lees Ferry Upstream Trip - May 2020

Dear Ceiba Employees,  Thank you on behalf of all of the members of my trip for all your hard work getting us on the river. Thank you for the part you all played in making it happen. We are thinking of you in these difficult times.

Nemens-Stowell Trip - March 2020

Thank You Guys Again for making our trip possible. You all are fantastic. Hopefully we will be back in the coming years.
P.S. Re-entry was near catastrophic . I’m still trying to decide whether I should have tried my luck against Pearce Ferry Rapid as opposed to COVID. What’s clear is that we should have requested more beer and food and just kept going.

E. Bernhoft Trip - March 2020

Back home & wanted to get a note out thanking all of you for everything you did to make this complex trip work.

Over the 10 years Rich & I have been doing the combination rafting & canyoneering trips Ceiba’s ability to accommodate all of the special requirements needed has been an integral part of the success we have enjoyed. I’m sure this last trip with the added backcountry days & a totally different way of packing the food was not an easy task on your part. It all worked perfectly though & made our trip all that more special. This was, without a doubt, the easiest trip we have even done in regards to the camp setup, kitchen & menu.

It’s been a pleasure working with all of you.

R. Rudow & R. Demarest Trip - January 2020

Thank you so much for all your help! The trip was perfect in so many ways, but so much of it had to do with Ceiba!

C. Montandon Trip - January 2020

I had an absolutely wonderful time and was so impressed with the food systems, organization, and packing! Thank you for an incredible experience, I so appreciate the obvious work and care you put into these trips!

J. Hoiland - January 2020

Ceiba was great at answering any and all questions that I had as a first time TL. They were also very flexible as I was adding and dropping people up until just a few weeks before the trip launched.

J. Barza - December 2019

Thanks as always. Let Rachel and the team know that all of you did a great job on our outfitting. Since you guys are always so good, sometimes we take it for granted. Still… excellence is excellence and should always be bragged about!

D. Richardson - November 2019

Just wanted to thank you for the excellent food pack on our 21 day.
I worked as a professional boatman for more than 20 years, for a zillion different companies from Idaho, through Utah, CO & Grand Canyon and I appreciated your menu more than many commercial companies I worked for.
What absolutely made the difference was the combination of excellent ingredients; along with simplicity of prep & awesome cooler pack!

K. Chethik - October 2019

Because of Ceiba, we could focus on the big picture and trip planning and worry less about the details of packing. Ceiba is amazing! We ate well, we had everything we needed (and some things we didn’t know we needed but did!), and ultimately so friendly and helpful.

M. McKeon - July 2019

From the moment I initially called Ceiba, their customer service was top notch! The day of launch was incredible to watch. Marilyn was incredible; informative, educational, and motivational at the rig. I can’t recommend Ceiba enough. I was blown away at the time Ceiba spent with me over email and the phone to bring me up to speed.

S. Brown - July 2019

Everyone at Ceiba was 100 percent dedicated to making our Grand trip as awesome as possible. Thanks! There are an amazing cast of characters assembled at Ceiba, each person dedicated to making our river expericence as enjoyable as possible. The logistics could not have been better!

C. Wales - June 2019 - One Boat Motor Trip

Ceiba is the only way to go. We own all of our own rafts and commercial outfitting gear but still decided to go with Ceiba and we wouldn’t do it any other way. Rachel was extremely helpful with the early planning and logistics. The food was amazing and they paid special attention to accommodating my wife’s wheat allergy(aka gluten free). Finally Marilynn’s instruction at Lee’s Ferry was very thorough and helpful. We were super impressed and can’t wait to get another permit.

B. Petersen - June 2019

Thank you guys so much for the awesome help in getting us out on the water and all the great follow up. Can’t wait to use you guys on our next adventure.

T. Love-Chezem - May 2019

Thank you all so much! Everything worked out great. Your office staff was very professional and helpful. Marilyn did an extremely good job helping us set up and de-rig. Quick, efficient, positive, and intelligent. Couldn’t imagine a better experience. If we ever score another permit, we will be going with Ceiba again. We will absolutely recommend you to anyone else who is taking a private Grand Canyon trip.

J. Wilson - April 2019

You all were really professional and easy to work with. I almost felt scared because so little was asked for us on the preparation end. I look forward to using you all on the next trip… and the next one. And Marilyn was absolutely outstanding on the rig and derig.

N. Roman - April 2019

I can’t recommend them enough. The food was excellent ,staff was friendly,and the boats were dialed. I had two professional oarsmen (fishing guide friends) on my trip and they were super impressed with how well everything on the boats were set up.

D. Wilson - April 2019
Happiness at Diamond creek. Photo by Fabiano Mongol and his Italian crew!
Happiness at Diamond creek. Photo by Fabiano Mongol and his Italian crew!