San Juan River Raft Rentals

Ceiba Adventures is proud to be a major supporter of Grand Canyon Youth. It is a non-profit organization that caters to etting youth on river trips. They are middle school and high school kids, that have to do class programs to get the okay to go on a river trip. They are on the lower Grand Canyon, a few entire Grand Canyon trips, as well as the San Juan River in southern Utah.  If your children, school class, or you know of anyone interested in this great opportunity please contact GCY at:
www.gcyouth.org or 928-773-7921.

Speaking of the San Juan River, we have been outfitting more and more private trips on the San Juan. It is a great family trip, a perfect introductory trip to river running, with awesome archaeological sites, nice camping, and incredible scenery in the desert  southwest.  Both our 14′ and 18′ boats are perfect for the several optional stretches available. Ceiba has everything available for your entire group, including tents, sleep kits, full kitchens and river bags too.

So we’re recommending groups to get in their reservations early and all of us here at Ceiba are ready to assist you with the perfect river vacation, on the San Juan river!!

We look forward to hearing from you and happy boating!

Scott Davis


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    Mike says

    Hello there…can u fill me in on renting one of your rafts. Looking at floating for 6-7 days…thanks,

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