Scotty in Front of the Camera

Ceiba Adventure’s own Scott Davis is being featured in front of the camera after so many projects behind it running logistics and support for film and documentary projects.  Prior to this most recent project, Scott has played a key role in filming the river scenes from such films as Into the Wild (2007) and A River Wild (1994) among others as well as having appeared before on screen.  This time he is on National Geographic’s America the Wild program.

A Vampire Bat

Scott was involved with their American Vampire show which featured the recent phenomena of Vampire bats moving further and further north as a result of warming temperatures.  The show began in Texas at a hug cave that is the home of millions of Vampire bats  Chiapas, Mexico; this is where Scott got involved.  In this portion of the show, Scott escorts host Casey Anderson through the jungle in pursuit of the elusive vampire bat.  Their course took them down a portion of the Usumacinta River until they disembarked and began the walk to find the cave.

This cave was last explored by Scott over twenty years ago while Ceiba Adventures’ Mexico and Central America adventure travel programs were in full swing.  Perhaps a small few have explored the cave since then, but the trail was far from clear and memories certainly had to be jogged.  Under Scotty’s leadership, the cave was eventually found, and finding it after 20 years of it hiding in the jungle had passed was certainly a crux of the show.

Check out clips from the show at Nat Geo and watch the full episode on youtube here


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    Hamish says

    If you haven’t seen this show then you certainly need to make time to see it , it really was interesting to see how vampire bats are moving up into the USA and Casey and Scott take us to some really nice country if you like that sort of thing anyway 🙂

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