Do you have:

  • A ratty old Paco pad that only holds water, not air anymore?
  • A boat that you need to pump every day?
  • Drysuit gaskets in need of replacement?

Well, Ceiba’s warehouse crew is expertly trained and experienced with all types of river equipment upkeep and repairs! We can patch paco pads, refurbish oars, upgrade valves on boats, rebuild stoves, repair dry suits, fix motor transoms, complete plastic welding projects on coolers, repair fiberglass oar shafts, reconstruct baffles, and create multi-layer patches–just to name a few of our standard projects.

Ceiba maintains the highest standard for our rental equipment. Each piece of gear that returns to our warehouse is carefully examined and evaluated by our staff, and the majority of our repairs are completed in-house. We even have our own mechanic, a longtime motor boatman, who performs regular maintenance on our motor fleet.

We understand that damaged or worn equipment can diminish an otherwise ideal boating experience–if your rubber raft or other river equipment needs fixing, tell us what your repair issue is and get an estimate here! We love to talk shop and look forward to helping you get your gear back in shape!


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Ceiba is an authorized Warranty Repair Facility for:

Aire NRS Mercury Marine



Our rubber crew recently refurbished some side tubes. Here’s a look at the various stages.