Ceiba’s recently completed “state of the art” repair facility is open for business. Ceiba maintains the highest standard for our rental equipment, and we offer that expertise to the public.
Our technicians have worked on most everything associated to river running, and we love to work on, out of the ordinary projects. So if your favorite boat needs some refurbishing, or your dry suit needs new neck gaskets, we have you covered.
Here is a brief list of items we regularly bring back to life for our customers:
Inflatable boats: new and upgraded valves, D-rings added, re-attaching floors, fixing rat holes, seam leaks, fixing rips/tears/holes, reconstruct inside baffles, and getting the boat to hold air like new. Working on Dingy's, small sport boats and large motor boats are just one of our specialities, check out our photo gallery of past projects.
Fixing Paco Pads, rebuilding stoves, r/r fiberglass oar shafts/blades, dry suit and spray jacket gaskets, making your river bag water tight again, fix motor transoms, as well as all kinds of plastic welding fixes and upgrades.
If you need a water tank, auto-rv tank, or any kind of industrial tank repaired, we do that too! Visit our plastic welding page here.
We understand that damaged or worn equipment can diminish an otherwise ideal boating experience–tell us what your repair issue is and get an estimate here! We love to talk shop and look forward to helping you get your gear back in shape!



Ceiba is an authorized Warranty Repair Facility for:

Aire NRS



Examples of our repairs

Our rubber crew refurbishing some side tubes. Here's a look at the various stages.