Stand Up Paddle Boards (SUP) Available @ Ceiba!!!!

Simplicity at it’s finest! Ceiba is now renting Stand Up Paddle Boards (SUP) for water sport lovers of all kinds. Quickly becoming one of the world’s fastest growing sports, the SUP offers everyone the opportunity to get a little  taste of the action(or a big gulp depending on how crazy your are!!!!).
Contact Ceiba for your SUP rental, an excellent addition to any multi-day Grand Canyon trip or day rental for Lake Mary.


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    Leslie Guevara says

    Hello, going on vacation in August and would like some prices on paddle boards.

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      Ceiba says

      Hi Leslie! Give us a call at 800-217-1060 and we’ll get you lined up with some paddle boards for your next adventure. Where are you headed? Look forward to talking with you soon!

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