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The Science of Eating Well! Ceiba’s Food Pack

Picture yourself floating easily downriver, exploring side canyons, communing in camp with your friends, or sitting silently on a rock soaking in your surroundings. With all there is to experience on a river trip, worrying about your next meal should not be a part of your trip.

The menu and food pack for a trip is one of the most important parts of planning your experience and can also be one of the most tricky. Particularly when you take into account food allergies and preferences. If river runner’s are not experienced in food packing for a multi-day trip in an environment with sometimes extreme temperatures and conditions, the prospect of the pack alone can be daunting.

There is a science, tried and true methods, for packing coolers to maintain optimal ice and temperature for managing food for safe-keeping, freshness and taste!

Packed and Ready for the River!

Packed and Ready for the River!

There are also incredible meal plans that offer a variety of dishes that are fulfilling and delicious. You don’t want to have to eat PB&J for every meal on the river!

Let Ceiba Adventures take care of your food pack for you so you can get back to doing the most important thing… enjoying an incredible experience.

We can offer a variety of set menu items that make the food planning process simple and stress-free. These meal plans are located on our website! We use top-of-the-line Canyon Coolers and Galaxy coolers. Our produce is local and fresh and packed in our own unique method to maintain freshness.

Inside the Ceiba Food-Pack


When it comes to packing food, Lynn Roeder packs the food with precision, keeping in mind convenience and simplicity of use. Her knowledge in preparing a foodpack stems from her experience on the river itself. Growing up in the southwest, Lynn discovered at an early age her love for adventure and boating on desert rivers. She began rafting on the daily section of the Colorado River in Moab Utah. She has worked on the Green River, Westwater and Desolaton Gray. No shrinking violet, Lynn motored 22-foot snout rigs on 100,000 cfs in Cataract Canyon! She has also completed close to 300 trips in Grand Canyon, both rowing and motoring.

Lynn Hard at Work

Lynn Hard at Work

Her love for the river continues on land. Lynn has followed many careers including working as an educator, musician and composer, and farmer. But her passion leads her back to working in the river community. Organizing one of the most important details of a river trip is something she takes very seriously. You will find her most days working to create efficient and scrumptious food packs that take into account the requests of each individual on a trip. For more information on our food pack and menu options, please give us a call 800-217-1060 and check out our email!

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