Wood Stove for Winter River Trips

Winter is almost upon us and Ceiba would like to remind everyone going on winter river trips about our wood stove.This tight, compact Ceiba exclusive is a great addition to any winter river trip.

We originally found this stove in Copper Canyon Mexico at a small mercantile shop that we frequentedduring our mountain bike adventures in that amazing area. They are simply great, easy to store in a drop hatch, easy to set up and easy to clean out.

We supply a small shovel, and a folding Sven saw with the stove as well.

Why are these stoves so great? Other than the reasons above, here are just a few!

* The top of the stove allows you to heat water for coffee or tea.
* Five or six people can sit closely around it and receive the warmth that it provides.
* Creating a clothes rack on any side of the  offers your group to dry out wet river gear.
* Placing your wet suit booties and river shoes underneath dries these items quickly and safely, without them falling into a fire.
* Learning how to stock the stove properly with the right size pieces of wood, for the ultimate “cranking power” of the stove makes it fun for the group.
* Once this is achieved you’ll understand what we mean by a “Carrot Top”.
* When this goal is met you can open up the door of the stove and let your mind be mesmerized by the “Inner Sanctum”

Do we have you convinced that the Ceiba Wood Stove is the way to go?!

Withour Wholeshabang packages we include the wood stove free or charge, but otherwise they go for $2.00 a day. You can not beat that with a stick!

We look forward to hearing from you all this winter
Safe Boating from all of here at Ceiba Adventures!!

Here are some photos of our Wood Stove:

Rachel carrying the packed-up ready to travel woodstove

Rachel carrying the packed-up ready to travel woodstove

Woodstove packed for travel

Woodstove packed for travel


Woodstove assembled and ready to load & fire

Woodstove assembled and ready to load & fire


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    admin says

    Thanks, Chris.

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    Will Anderson says

    Where can I buy one of these?

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      ceibaadv says

      Hi Will,

      We had ours made by the folks at Artisan Metal Works here in Flagstaff. They make custom stoves as well as other boating equipment.

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